Reiki Course II

Gaetano Vivo Reiki Class

Reiki Second Level teaches

Gaetano Vivo Lineage
Reiki Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furumoto, William Rand, Gaetano Vivo

Here is the information about the teaching of the second level of Reiki translated into English:

  1. Reiki Symbols: In the second level, students are introduced to and taught the sacred symbols of Reiki, such as the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol, and the distance symbol. These symbols are used to enhance and focus Reiki energy during treatments.
  2. Advanced Treatment Techniques: Advanced techniques for Reiki treatment are taught, including methods for treating specific physical, emotional, or mental conditions.
  3. Distant Healing: Students learn how to send Reiki energy remotely to people, situations, or events in need of healing. This practice allows for overcoming physical barriers and sending healing energy anywhere in the world.
  4. Mental and Emotional Treatment: The treatment of emotions, thoughts, and mental disorders is further explored through the use of Reiki symbols and other specific techniques.
  5. Root Cause Investigation: Students are taught how to identify and treat the root causes of a problem, rather than just addressing surface symptoms, through the practice of Reiki.
  6. Meditation Practices: Meditations and visualization techniques are introduced to enhance the connection with Reiki energy and support the practice.
  7. Advanced Ethics and Responsibility: Discussions on more complex ethical issues in giving Reiki treatments, such as confidentiality, consent, and respect for personal boundaries.
  8. Advanced Initiation/Attunement: During the course, the practitioner will receive another initiation or attunement to further open energy channels and enhance their practice.

    These are just some of the topics and practices typically taught in the second level of Reiki. Each Reiki master may incorporate additional teachings or specific practices into their course. If you have any further questions or curiosity, feel free to ask!


18 hours

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