Reiki Course I

Gaetano Vivo Reiki Class

Reiki One seminar teaches

Gaetano Vivo Lineage

Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furumoto, William Rand, Gaetano Vivo

In the first level of Reiki, known as Reiki I or Shoden in some traditions, the following concepts and practices are typically taught:

  1. History and principles of Reiki: The origin and history of Reiki are explained, as well as the fundamental principles that guide the practice, such as Mikao Usui’s Five Reiki Principles.
  2. Energetic concepts: The basics of universal energy (Ki or Qi) and its relationship with the body, mind, and spirit are explored.
  3. Self-treatment: The technique of self-Reiki treatment is taught, allowing individuals to channel universal energy to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  4. Treatment of others: Participants learn how to give Reiki treatments to others, including friends, family, or clients, following specific protocols and hand positions for the treatment.
  5. Practice of hand positions: Hand positions on the body for Reiki treatment are practiced, involving different areas of the body to promote the harmonious flow of energy.
  6. Ethics and responsibility: The importance of ethics in practicing Reiki and the responsibility involved in giving treatments to others are discussed.
  7. Initiation/Attunement: During the course, the practitioner will receive an initiation or attunement that opens the energy channels to allow Reiki to flow through them more powerfully.

These are just some of the typical topics and practices taught in the first level of Reiki. Each Reiki master may incorporate additional teachings or specific practices into their course. If you have any further questions or curiosity, feel free to ask!

The seminar last a whole weekend Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. 
You will receive the Reiki one level certificate issued by the ReikiVivoInternational School 


18 Hours

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