Gaetano Vivo

Expert Healer, Reiki Master & International Visionary, Author & Speaker

“The resulting sense of wellbeing was phenomenal” – Evening Standard

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Gaetano Vivo is one of the world’s most prominent Reiki Master Teacher,  and intuitive healers and is renowned for his visionary approach to deep healing for stress, depression, injury, and illness through healing the heart.

He practices both the Usui/Tibetan system and the Karuna Reiki system, having studied under the founder of Karuna Reiki, William Rand. Gaetano also practices his pioneering Xantia Healing, combining Vibrational Healing communication and symbols,  Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, and Aura cleansing.

In the ’90, Gaetano set up the ground-breaking bookshop, the Metaphysical Centre in London.. Following on from this,

He set up Reiki Practice in the United States, then subsequently in London and Naples, Sicily, and Milan.

A leading author and speaker on wellness, Gaetano has published:

  • Open Your Heart with Reiki 2003
  • The Poetry of Reiki 2004
  • Reiki is Love 2005 in both English and Italian
  • Messages from the Angels of Transparency 2012 Italian and English
  • Just Love in Italian 2013
  • Healing the Heart of Mankind in Arabic 2019
  • PantaReiki in Italian 2020, Arabic 2022, English 2023
  • The angels of Healing 2023

His CDs have been published in English, Italian and Spanish.

Working with the angels he has been channeling three decks of magnificent angel cards:

  • Messages from the angels 2015 Italian and English
  • Angels of Harmony 2019
  • Pure Love 2022 Italian and English

Gaetano brings his expertise in chakra balancing and vibrational healing to masterclasses throughout the world. He teaches regularly and holds weekend guided visualization and meditation sessions.

A regular speaker at conferences and workshops, Gaetano also hosts festivals and events, including the International Reiki Festival in Sicily. 2017, 2022

The resulting sense of wellbeing was phenomenal. If an hallelujah chorus and cherubim escort had accompanied me back to the station, I would not have been surprised.Judy Rumbold, Evening Standard

Xantia Healing Method

Xantia Healing is a new method of Healing form that has been created to enhance wellbeing amongst people. Its a symbol that has been channeled in order to give peace to the people who receive it. It is given through energetic initiations and puts you in a very calm state of mind.

Gaetano says

In my work, I reach out to people to help them on their life’s journey. I offer powerful, transformational energy healing, Reiki, and visionary work to my clients, helping them to alleviate many physical ailments and enhance their health and their general well-being.

I also work on an emotional level, healing their heart, and helping them through separation, loss, and bereavement. And I speak, teach, and train people to understand the fundamentals of touch and healing. My techniques and treatments help promote deep healing, on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Xantia Me: how to heal your inner child and live a fulfilled life.

  • Xantia Body: how to heal your body and have a strong healthy life.
  • Xantia Mind: how to calm your mind and clear it from all blockages and clutter energy.
  • Xantia Spirit: to get in touch with the spiritual world and open wide your channels for the universal energy to come through.
  • Xantia Soul: How to enhance the journey of your soul and healing along the way of your journey on Earth.
  • Xantia is a very strong symbol of healing.

It is an initiation for the ‘opening of the heart’. It opens the angelic chakra and balances your body mind and soul. the heart chakra. There is a number five element included in this symbol, such as me, body, mind, spirit and soul. Things will improve once people have addressed these five elements. It is important for this to happen because Earth today is still changing, it is transforming and there is another Earth that awaits us; a land of peace, love, harmony, and brotherhood.

Bridges of Light

On social media, Gaetano is the creator of the Facebook group Bridges of Light- an
online spiritual channel that grew to more than 40,000 followers. Gaetano’s aim with this platform is to uplift and awaken; to forge relationships across the globe through interviews and real spiritual training programs. Bridges of Light is a community of human beings who want to build an energetic bridge between the different universes and grow in the awareness that everything is possible.

My mission with this group is to help evolve a community that’s aware of its own spirituality with the aim of overcoming the narrow spaces in which we confine ourselves and spread the light as a bridge between souls” Gaetano says.

Workshops & Events