No musical instrument can convey the voice and resonance it has within itself. Karuna intonations are performed with sequences of different “intervals”; the interval is the distance between two notes and each of these intervals has vibratory functions.

According to the studies of the musician and music therapist Fabien Maman, each interval has its own characteristics: those that go from the fundamental to the fourth act more from the inside of the body, while the succession that goes from the fifth to the octave creates a connection between the inside. and the outside of the body. The intonations used in these music are on intervals that have the characteristic corresponding to the type of symbol chanted, enhancing its healing action.

While in the cultures of Eastern countries, music has always been key to maintaining or restoring psychophysical balance, Western culture has only recently started rediscovering the therapeutic value of music on the body and mind.

In the West, the use of music as a therapy is a recent phenomenon. This is now the subject of rigorous scientific research, which has seen the science community validate the theories that music has a powerful role to play in healing.

Science, though, is not the only discipline to give testimony to the positive response of the body to music. Just by listening to certain types of music, we can be brought to a state of total well-being. This is why a huge industry has arisen from the need to compose music that supports the different types of healing therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and alternative therapies in general…

This meditation takes you back in this reincarnation to allow you to heal  your inner child with the Reiki two symbols through your Akashic Records.

Chakra Meditation allows you to clear and align your chakras one by one.