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How healing practitioner Gaetano Vivo uses intuitive healing to cleanse each chakra

How healing practitioner Gaetano Vivo uses intuitive healing to cleanse each chakra gaetano vivo

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How healing practitioner Gaetano Vivo uses his visionary approach to deep-heal stress, depression, injury and illness through the power of the heart.

As an energy healer, Reiki Master, International Visionary, Author and speaker, Gaetano Vivo has trained more than 7,000 individuals over the years.

Vivo has developed the practice through rigorous training to cleanse each chakra and balance them with a vibrant energy all along. By bringing his workshops to Dubai once again, various potential clients can attend by signing up here.

To delve more into his journey, Emirates Woman spoke to him to understand how his intuitive healing can work wonders for each individual.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I get up early in the morning and I meditate for about 30 minutes every day, thanking the Universe for the beautiful mission I have been assigned t, to help people discover themselves and to heal their souls. Meditation and sitting in silence are the best part of the morning and evening for me. Being grateful in the morning is one of the most important aspects of my day.

How did your journey with Reiki begin?

My Reiki journey started over 35 years ago. I used to have a bookshop in London, called the Metaphysical Center where people would come to buy books and seek my advice. Many who would come would tell me that just sitting next to me would feel at peace and that I was a natural born healer. One day, a lady came in, saying that she was a Reiki master, and offered me a Reiki session. I was so in awe of this energy that she was channeling that I decided to take the first level course then the second then on to the Mastership with William Rand in America (a renowned Reiki Master Teacher). In the years My Reiki has developed more and more so much that up until now I’ve trained more than 7,000 people in the world in the beautiful ancient healing Japanese technique. In the years of my journey, I have developed different aspects of Reiki and in these days, I practice my own Reiki giving treatments to people and teaching them how to do it on themselves, and how to treat others. I teach all over the world different Reiki practices that I have developed in these thirty-five years on this magnificent journey.

How can Reiki sessions enhance someone’s life and balance their Chakras?

Reiki is all about energy flow. When one chakra is blocked, we clear and cleanse that chakra to let the energy flow through the body again. Let’s say that I see a person whose third chakra, the solar plexus chakra whose color is yellow, is completely blocked. Then with Reiki, you make them feel reassured and welcome. Solar plexus chakra is the house of anxiety, depression, insomnia and the biggest of all is the house of fear. We live in a world of fear, and we need to start clearing this chakra daily, in order to live our lives in a more spontaneous and freeway. That’s why I insist on having all the chakras completely cleansed. Reiki helps to do just that, channeling energy from the Source, we can clear and cleanse chakras. Another very important center is the Heart Chakra. If we have emotional problems through loss and the ending relationships, this chakra blocks and Reiki and Vibrational energy can really heal the cause of the problems from the root. Often this happens repeatedly, since we have not healed the cause. We are all wounded children in the end. It is so very important to do this because once we have cleared the chakras, the energy flows freely in the body pushing away all the unwanted energy, and with Reiki, we replenish that energy that has left the body with clear, cleansed, and blessed energy. Giving the person a vital and vibrant energy all along.

Could you elaborate on the science behind energy work?

The substance of everything in the world is energetic, including our thoughts are too. Quantum physics has scientifically demonstrated events that “science” would not consider possible. We are all energy and we all one.

How do you begin the process of a healing session with a client?

The person lies on a treatment table fully clothed, and the practitioner puts his hands on (with permission) or close to the body of the person in different positions to get the energy flowing. Reiki energy pushes away unwanted energy in the body for the good energy to come through. The person at the end feels energised and at the same time very relaxed and calm. To clear different blockages, you might need multiple sessions. You establish that with the person as it is a very individual practice. Over the years I have created my own technique on my Reiki sessions. To achieve maximum benefit from a session I have divided my treatments into different modalities, such as looking at the person’s aura and through that looking at their chakra for balancing and aligning. I also give guidance to them through the so called “Invisible world” and then I end the treatment by giving a proper Reiki session.

You have touched the lives of many people with your work. Do you have a special moment with a client that remains with you?

Recently, a lady came to me, and she had been suffering from migraines for over 25 years, and I could see her suffering very much. My Reiki treatments it is not only hands-on healing, but it is a host of modalities I have mastered in all these years. So, I decided to practice on her Vibrational Psychic surgery where with a series of questions you can take the person in to verbalize what her problem is and with my Reiki dissolve the problem altogether. So, this is just what happened to her. We decided that she needed four sessions in a row and after just the second session her headache was starting to disappear so much that at the end of the four sessions, she was a different person altogether. Reiki with Vibrational Psychic surgery can help you with many physical pains that you have had for so many years, the important part is to talk to your pain through a series of questions I ask, and you will see how energetically the pain goes from your etheric body and after from your physical body.

“With Reiki, we replenish that energy that has left the body with clear, cleansed, and blessed energy.”

What are some of the common reasons people come to see you?

Reiki is a healing technique which helps put the body in balance through a therapeutic touch. I have helped people suffering from emotions related to the heart when they have lost beloved ones or have been rejected for instance or people who have gone through depression, anxiety, fears and insomnia. I have helped people suffering from headaches and migraines. All these elements are related to blocked emotions, and once we clear those emotions, once we heal them then the body heal itself. It is not a matter of healing, one particular part of the body of the physical body because Reiki does not work like that. My Reiki works to heal the soul in order for you to receive maximum benefits out of it. Reiki helps heal the emotional pains that an individual goes through his life. We are all wounded children, and we all need Reiki in our life.

Tell us more about your workshops that take place in Dubai?

I have been coming to the UAE for quite some time now. I work exclusively at a beautiful center called the Keyani Health Center. I see people every day for one hour of treatment and also, I teach my certified Reiki courses. I am the founder of the Reiki Vivo International School, and my diplomas are all certified by my school, where I teach Reiki and many other healing modalities to enhance the soul of people who come to seek guidance, teaching love self-love.

What resources would you recommend to enhance this practice? Tell us more about the book you’ve written.

I have published many books and my latest one called PantaReiki has come out first in my mother tongue which is Italian, then in Arabic and English. I feel very fortunate to have been able to have my books translated also in Arabic. A culture that I love. My book tells you all about my evolution as a very introverted boy from the man I have become today to the mission that I was given by God to help humanity through Reiki.

what activities help you align your daily life?

Meditation is key to start your day and Self Reiki Practice to help you to start the day in a more aware way and to enhance self-healing and others.

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