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Keyani karuna reiki 19 may

Karuna Reiki Course

Karuna Reiki, Advanced Reiki Training (ART), and Vibrational Psychic Surgery are all specialized areas of Reiki practice that offer incredible healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Each of these practices utilizes unique symbols and mantras to channel the universal life force energy for healing and enlightenment.

Karuna Reiki Levels one and two introduce practitioners to an exciting array of symbols and mantras. These tools help to build connections to higher states of consciousness, enhance healing abilities, and deepen spiritual understanding. The word “Karuna” means compassionate action, and with this form of Reiki, you are invited to embody compassion in all you do. Practitioners often express a heightened sense of empathy and understanding towards others and the world around them after learning Karuna Reiki.

ART or Advanced Reiki Training broadens the scope of traditional Reiki practice. This training introduces the practitioner to the powerful Usui Master symbol and teaches advanced techniques for distance healing and the creation of personal Reiki grids. This level of training is perfect for those ready to commit to their spiritual journey and make an impact on a larger scale.

Vibrational Psychic Surgery is a unique Reiki technique that works on the energetic and emotional levels, addressing issues and blockages that may not be accessible through traditional healing methods. This form of Reiki can provide profound healing for deep-seated issues and can be a transformative experience for both the practitioner and the recipient.

And then there’s the Antahkarana symbol, a powerful ancient healing symbol known for its effectiveness in healing the body, mind, and spirit. Just by meditating on or with this symbol, one can connect with higher levels of consciousness and facilitate deep healing and spiritual growth.

Combining these practices can lead to a powerful synergy that enhances each individual component. Imagine combining the compassionate action of Karuna Reiki with the advanced techniques of ART and the deep healing of Vibrational Psychic Surgery, all while being grounded by the powerful Antahkarana symbol. It’s a journey of holistic healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening.

Whether you’re a seasoned Reiki practitioner looking to expand your practice, or someone new to the world of energy healing, these advanced techniques and symbols offer a world of possibilities. Embark on this journey, and you will not only transform your life but also have the potential to profoundly impact the lives of others.

Join us as we delve deeper into the realm of energy healing, discovering the power of Karuna Reiki, ART, Vibrational Psychic Surgery, and the Antahkarana symbol.




19 May 2024


10:00 - 20:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 19 May 2024
  • Time: 4:00 - 14:00


Dubai at keyani_wellness
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