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Gaetano Vivo

Energy Healer, Reiki Master & International Visionary,
Author & Speaker


Xantia is a very strong symbol of healing. It heals the innerself because it is an initiation for the ‘opening of the heart’. It opens the angelic chakra and balances the heart chakra. There is the number five: self, body, mind, soul, spirit. Self (centre of the universe) healed in body, mind, soul, and spirit. Things will improve once people have addressed these four elements. It is important for this to happen because Earth today is still changing, it is transforming and there is another Earth that awaits us; a land of peace, love, harmony, and brotherhood.


Case Study: Rose


To demonstrate the impact of this symbol I will share Rose’s story with you. Rose is in a circle with eight other people and she is feeling a lot of discord as well; she is torn between leaving and staying. She relaxes her mind and her journey begins. She is inside a gothic cathedral, dancing. While dancing, she throws herself against one of these windows and finds herself in another dimension, where everything has a golden light. She breathes its fresh and pure air because it makes her feel good, and her thoughts wander towards the sky. ‘I know this place!’ she exclaims. It is a distant time, a time that is no longer hers. Rose is filled with contradictory emotions; peaceful – restless, safe – insecure, happy – sad. She senses a desire for something new, but she doesn’t know where to start!

Behold, three Angels appeared… They invite all humanity to board the ‘train of happiness’, that carry thousands of people around, allowing their lives to cross, embrace, and mingle. Everyone is carrying pieces of baggage that consist of feelings, wants, and hopes. Everyone is on the move! The people not on the train are running, misguidedly chasing their time as they allow the frantic pace of life to make everything look ‘normal’. Normality is for those who refuse to see, who are afraid of exposing themselves and taking chances. The Angels encourage Rose to listen or to say a few reassuring words to comfort those whom she meets on the train; it doesn’t cost her a thing and helps those who receive as well as those who give. Then, at the end of the day, the train will pass through everyone’s heart. Then the Angels turn to Rose, and each of them hand her a golden sword. They tell her to fight until truth triumphs. She looks at them, bewildered, is this a case of mistaken identity, why her among so many?  Archangel Uriel takes Rose back to the time of her birth, he breathes on the little feet of that child who was born in the breech position, so that her steps may be lighter. He cuddles a little creature that would like to return to the source rather than continue to crystallize.

Rose is shown a river, having reached full capacity, it pours down as a waterfall and floods everything in its path, at times clearing the earth and at others gently meandering through the Earth it loves so much. Rose is awash with energy, she manages to relax, and listen to her heart knowing she will be free only at the end of this journey, when tears will become drops of dew and wings will replace the arms that now embrace her. This same energy gives strength to all her senses: it improves her sight, now she can make out the images that will keep her company during moments of solitude. It strengthens her hearing that records the sounds she will hear when far from home. It enriches her sense of smell to capture the fragrances that bring back memories and it refines her sense of touch that wants to stroke everything, so as not to forget. And then Rose is given ‘Xantia’, a cross on the heart, a commitment of love, a symbol branded with fire, a fire that burns from within. She would like to rejoice; instead she feels that this will be another difficult test to overcome. A voice tells her to let go of her anger, it is blinding. She must replace her desire to reason with heartfelt love. The Angels call her, the star, and the light, the rock, carried by a beam of light. A light that everyone will want to see, it will shine upon the Earth to create a trail to walk on, leaving children to play while men and women will only be capable of love. Rose says a prayer, a simple prayer that comes from the heart, ‘I hope that He is listening to me. The Angels pick my words as flowers in a field and whisper to me that faith always pays. There is no power greater than prayer.’

Rose feels bad for having hesitated, she would like to know more and becomes totally immersed in what is passing before her and exclaims, ‘I recognize this! It is the story of my life.’ In places it is hard to take in. She follows a trail along a road that crosses green pastures, sunflowers and fields of wheat. She sees a cottage in the distance, her father is there telling her to join him. She doesn’t listen and keeps on walking. She reaches a hill and finds herself finally walking between two low walls, where people that are dear to her sit, all of them extend their arms, but she doesn’t stop and keeps on walking. She reaches a desert and crosses it. In the end she reaches the sea. She walks in, allowing the vastness of the sea to embrace her. Now, though Rose says she still feels pleasantly uneasy with Xantia, she does believe that she is a messenger of light and together with the Angels she can change her daily routine and once again discover a surprising tranquility.


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