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Gaetano Vivo

Energy Healer, Reiki Master & International Visionary,
Author & Speaker

Gaetano Vivo is one of the world’s most prominent Reiki Masters
and intuitive healers, and is renowned for his visionary approach
to deep-healing for stress, depression, injury and illness through
healing the heart.

Gaetano practises both the Usui/Tibetan system and the Karuna
Reiki system, having studied under the founder of Karuna Reiki, William
Rand. Gaetano also practices his pioneering Xantia Healing, combining
Vibrational Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Spiritual
Guides. Gaetano set up the ground-breaking bookshop, the
Metaphysical Centre in Chiswick. Following on from this, he set up Reiki
Clinics in the United States, then subsequently in Chiswick, London and
Naples, Italy.

A leading author and speaker on wellness, Gaetano is the author of
Reiki is Love which has been published in both English and Italian and
Healing the Heart of Mankind which has been published in Arabic. In
addition, his audiobook, Open Your Heart with Reiki has been
published in English.

Gaetano has also created a one-stop library of audio resources for
optimum wellbeing. His CDs, which have been published in English,
Italian and Spanish, are Karma & Chakra, Chakra Vivo Healing Sound,
Akashic Dream, Meditations and Karuna Reiki.

Gaetano brings his expertise in chakra balancing and vibrational
healing to masterclasses throughout the world. He teaches regularly,
and holds weekend guided visualisation and meditation sessions.
A regular speaker at conferences and workshops, Gaetano also hosts
festivals and events, including the International Reiki Festival in Sicily.

“We live in a time of connection, where the space between things and people disappears.

Space and time – two important elements of existence – reveal themselves to the world here and now, changing the meaning that we seek in everything.

Gaetano Vivo never stops searching in a journey that brings him closer to worlds sometimes far sometimes near, from old wisdoms to new awareness. The path to his spiritual quest leads him to a deep knowledge where every tool, every practice, every word, every experience, and every theory is annulled, and sublimated in the ONE. In that place which is not a place, in that time which is not a time, where we can perceive the cosmic symmetry between spirit and matter, between the universe and the infinitesimal.

Panta Reiki. The energy of every being – including those we think of as “inanimate” – flows in a synchronous and circular way, closely related to what we call real. In this enormous network of endless links, there is a heightened perception of being, at the same time, too small and seemingly useless and so big to be able to influence everything. It is the power of awareness that wins over duality and makes us better people. The understanding that we call healing, the detachment that sets us free, that “conversion” that turns every moment of the present into eternity and ourselves into the tools of a HIGHER will, of ANOTHER will capable of smiling at the ego’s illusions.”

Francesco Italia


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