The Angelic Connexion course came to me by “divine intuition”

My great curiosity and the desire for elevation and higher understanding have been widely welcomed and satisfied thanks to the wise and enlightened Guide of Gaetano Vivo. The powerful angelic activations received in the Angelic Connexion I and II level courses have allowed me to have a real “quantum leap”, so much that I can now use all my talents in the ever clearer perception of the Angelic energies and frequencies. The attendance of the courses took place remotely due to the restrictions of the Anticovid legislation, it was a very useful training experience.

ANGESE RIZZITELLI – Parapsicologa, tarologa, avvocato

Angelic Connexions course – Simone

I have participated in the first level of Angelic Connexions course, with Master Gaetano Vivo, more than 2 months ago, still today I feel the presence of the Angels close to me. Gaetano Vivo is a great Master with a vast experience he was able to accompany me on a truly unique journey, he guided me with his voice, with his truly unique energy. Since I took the course with the Angels, with Maestro Gaetano Vivo, something inside me has changed, I feel my energies cleansed daily Gaetano is able to accompany you hand by hand on a celestial journey, one of a kind, In fact, I can’t even imagine what the second level can be like! Can’t wait to participate! I highly recommend this course with the Master, if you no longer want to feel alone, in life, and be accompanied at all times by celestial angelic forces because they really exist and Master Gaetano Vivo is able to help you perceive, feel their divine presence. Thank you teacher! Your pupil


Angelic Connexions course – Ivan Raso

I took the first angelic course and came out positively improved, I already knew Gaetano Vivo’s way of teaching being taken Reiki with him. I therefore trusted this new course and I have to thank him once again for this new training which has further changed my life in the positive way. Communicating with the Angels and feeling embraced by their energies and the loving strength of my guardian angels is truly priceless. Thank you

Ivan Raso

Angelic course – Anna Gatti

Angelic course

I was very keen to leave my testimonial regarding the Angelic course. With great pleasure I arrived here after many years of training in the spiritual and holistic world Attracted by the Angels! By chance even if nothing happens by chance, I was shown this Angelic path with Gaetano Vivo, and to my amazement my expectations were a thousand times higher than what I expected, I was catapulted into such a pure energy so light so deep, Angelic energy flooded my whole body and my soul. I now know, more than ever that I must Love myself first of all. Thanks to Gaetano Vivo for what he has given me as a truly touched experience. Thanks for having entered my path in this very very special year I highly recommend The course with the spiritual energy and the Angels it to all those who are in tune with this desire, Thank you

Anna Gatti

Angelic Energy

Angelic Energy

Angelic Energy
I LEARNED: brotherhood and union with other students how to perceive angelic energy how to feel angelic energy how to transform energy into angelic messages

I GET IT: the importance of never being alone importance of angelic love importance of being aware of asking for and receiving spiritual help.

Gaetano Vivo directed our spirits in the rainbow spirals, which lead to our Guardian Angels / Archangels. To understand the painting you don’t need to look at it, you have to feel it in your heart, I entered it and traveled in the colors of the Universe, protected by Angelic wings. The emotions transmitted were real and palpable and the courses are available for everyone. I thank Gaetano Vivo for teaching me to communicate and perceive Angelic energy and Beyond

Nicoletta Aprile

From the continuous study on the cosmos

From the continuous study on the cosmos and the influence of celestial bodies to the world of Angels … What can we say? A QUANTUM LEAP that has enriched my way of living in many aspects… to understand that not only as Astrology teaches “As above and below” but that there are also subtle energies of such extraordinary power that are surrounded with an enveloping love. An experience that has changed me inside thanks to Gaetano Vivo, in my opinion, the most suitable guide for “entering” this World of boundless spirituality…