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Angelic course – Anna Gatti

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Angelic course

I was very keen to leave my testimonial regarding the Angelic course. With great pleasure I arrived here after many years of training in the spiritual and holistic world Attracted by the Angels! By chance even if nothing happens by chance, I was shown this Angelic path with Gaetano Vivo, and to my amazement my expectations were a thousand times higher than what I expected, I was catapulted into such a pure energy so light so deep, Angelic energy flooded my whole body and my soul. I now know, more than ever that I must Love myself first of all. Thanks to Gaetano Vivo for what he has given me as a truly touched experience. Thanks for having entered my path in this very very special year I highly recommend The course with the spiritual energy and the Angels it to all those who are in tune with this desire, Thank you

Anna Gatti

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