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Angelic Connexions course – Simone

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I have participated in the first level of Angelic Connexions course, with Master Gaetano Vivo, more than 2 months ago, still today I feel the presence of the Angels close to me. Gaetano Vivo is a great Master with a vast experience he was able to accompany me on a truly unique journey, he guided me with his voice, with his truly unique energy. Since I took the course with the Angels, with Maestro Gaetano Vivo, something inside me has changed, I feel my energies cleansed daily Gaetano is able to accompany you hand by hand on a celestial journey, one of a kind, In fact, I can’t even imagine what the second level can be like! Can’t wait to participate! I highly recommend this course with the Master, if you no longer want to feel alone, in life, and be accompanied at all times by celestial angelic forces because they really exist and Master Gaetano Vivo is able to help you perceive, feel their divine presence. Thank you teacher! Your pupil


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