Gaetano Vivo

Gaetano practises both the Usui/Tibetan system and the Karuna
Reiki system, having studied under the founder of Karuna Reiki, William
Rand. Gaetano also practices his pioneering Xantia Healing, combining
Vibrational Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Spiritual
Guides. Gaetano set up the ground-breaking bookshop, the
Metaphysical Centre in Chiswick. Following on from this, he set up Reiki
Clinics in the United States, then subsequently in Chiswick, London and
Naples, Italy.

A leading author and speaker on wellness, Gaetano is the author of
Reiki is Love which has been published in both English and Italian and
Healing the Heart of Mankind which has been published in Arabic. In
addition, his audiobook, Open Your Heart with Reiki has been
published in English.

Gaetano has also created a one-stop library of audio resources for
optimum wellbeing. His CDs, which have been published in English,
Italian and Spanish, are Karma & Chakra, Chakra Vivo Healing Sound,
Akashic Dream, Meditations and Karuna Reiki.

Gaetano brings his expertise in chakra balancing and vibrational
healing to masterclasses throughout the world. He teaches regularly,
and holds weekend guided visualisation and meditation sessions.
A regular speaker at conferences and workshops, Gaetano also hosts
festivals and events, including the International Reiki Festival in Sicily.

Gaetano Vivo

is one of the world’s most prominent Reiki Masters
and intuitive healers, and is renowned for his visionary approach
to deep-healing for stress, depression, injury and illness through
healing the heart.


Gaetano Vivo holds a University degree in English literature and history taken at the Oriental University in Naples, he becomes a translator and a teacher living for a long time in Great Britain and USA.

During this time of his life he start being interested in the natural healing techniques, such as Reiki and subsequent paths of spiritual research.

In the United States, he was a student of the creator of the Reiki KarunaTm method, William Lee Rand, and the well-known and in London he studied with the medium Ivy Northage at the College of Psychic Studies in London, a regular student of Arthur Findlay College under the guidance of Janette Marshall. He owes his qualification as an International Reiki Master Teacher and as a medium and spiritual healer.

In London, in 1993, Gaetano founded the Metaphysical Center. Thanks to the work done for the creation of this place, Gaetano develops a method dedicated to the search for inner wisdom, to better enjoy the relationship with one’s self and with others. In 1999 he created the Reiki Wellness Center in Boulder, Colorado, America. New centers will then follow in London and Naples.


Gaetano becomes a member of the Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, of the Reiki Association of Great Britain, of the Noetic Society of America and of the I AM association of Milan, he is a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine in Great Britain Britain and is the founder of the Reiki Vivo International School. Today he is a member of The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and is the founder of the Reiki Vivo International School.

Creator of the First International Reiki Festival held in Ferla (SR) organized together with the mayor of the Sicilian town Michelangelo Giansiracusa.

Gaetano proposes his experiences and his vision of Reiki in the books “Awaken your heart with Reiki”, “The poetry of Reiki” and “Reiki is Love”, “The Angels of Transparency”, “Love and Enough, Messages from the angels to live in harmony ”published in various countries, including the United States and Great Britain. His latest book “Healing the Heart of Mankind” was published in Arabic. Gaetano has also produced a long series of CDs of guided meditations for relaxation and healing of the inner child. Gaetano is also the creator of the Facebook group “Bridges of Light-Bridges of light” which aims to sow

sow awareness between cultures and forge relationships with different worlds through interviews and real spiritual training programs. Being able to create a community of human beings who want to build an energetic bridge between the different universes and grow in the awareness that everything is possible.
Helping to involve a community aware of its own spirituality is a great ambition and, at the same time, a mission that I would like to share.
To overcome the narrow spaces in which we confine our existences and to spread the light as a bridge between souls

My Mission

I am a man on a mission. It is a mission that has been formed over many years and as a result of having been on my own quest for healing and answers to life’s biggest questions. 

This mission is to help bring about a global awakening. If we are to survive, evolve and ascend as a species, we must waste no time in reawakening people’s consciousness through reconnection to the Divine. To Spirit, Source, God, Universal energy, or whatever else you choose to call this Divine intelligence. I am playing my part in this through service, healing and information that is simple and transparent. 

Through reconnection to Universal Source energy, we will better understand ourselves and others. It is only by opening our hearts through this reconnection that we will usher in a new reality and birth a new Earth made of light, peace, harmony and brotherhood amongst people.

Universal energy will help us to better understand ourselves and others. To know ourselves. In doing so we will be able to build a better future for our children and for all future generations.

Soon we will be able to recognize healing energies around us. Soon, we will be talking to guardian angels and conversing with spirit guides in an open manner so that always and forever we will be surrounded by harmony and peace. Let’s hug our beloved and help those who are going through difficult times. 

Let’s smile from the heart at strangers with unconditional love and joy. Let’s build a kinder world, let’s abolish war, hate, and grudges. Let’s eliminate indifference. It is only when we go deeper inside ourselves that we are able to help others from the heart. Only then we will be strong enough for relationships of pure love, compassion and understanding. When we forgive ourselves and the world around us then we will be able to end the war inside and outside of our beings.

This is my mission. It’s the mission of an ordinary man who was given the gift of being able to converse with spirit guides and guardian angels; the gift of being able to decipher their messages and following their teachings. 

Through simplicity and determination, I want to help others open their hearts. I am a transparent channel who wants to be a clear and pure vessel of the love and peace that I receive from my teachers above. I pass these messages on to all those who are willing to listen.

In doing so, we create schools of positive thinking for adults and schools of observation for children ready to create a new world around us and inside of us.

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