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After graduating from the Eastern University Institute of Naples, Gaetano Vivo started his working life as an interpreter and translator. Work commitments meant he spent a number of years moving back and forth between the United Kingdom and United States. It was during this time that he stumbled onto the healing path after being exposed to different traditional and natural healing techniques, including Reiki. Intrigued, these early encounters set him on the path of research into spirituality and energy healing.

In the United States, Gaetano studied with William Lee Rand, a renowned Reiki Master and creator of the Reiki KarunaTM method. Gaetano also studied in London with one of Britain’s most respected mediums, Ivy Northage, at the College of Psychic Studies. As well, he was a regular student at the Arthur Findlay College of spiritualism and psychic sciences under the guidance of Janette Marshall. To their teachings, he owes his qualification as an international Reiki Master; a medium and a spiritual healer.

Eventually basing himself in London, Gaetano opened his own spiritual bookstore, called the Metaphysical Center, in 1993. Thanks to the work carried out for the creation of this place, Gaetano developed and disseminated a method dedicated to the search for one’s inner wisdom, to better enjoy the relationship with oneself and with others.

In 1999, Gaetano opened the Reiki Wellness Center in Boulder, Colorado, America. He went on to open similar centers in New York, London and Naples…



Energy Healing

Deep healing to alleviate stress, depression, injury and illness, as well as loss and separation, through healing the heart


Reiki Healing

Overcom Profound healing through both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki from one of the world’s foremost masters

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Xantia Healing

Pioneering healing through a combination of vibrational healing, crystal therapy, chakra balancing and spiritual guides


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"We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great Love".
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